Monday, April 11, 2011

fuckin a!!! my skulls are goin to norway!!

i suppose it's about time to take advantage of my blog here and post some sneaky peeks and things.
   at the moment im retardedly stoked about my bracelets going to norway! why you ask?! because norway is possibly the most bad ass country .....EVER! 

i have been trying to get more stuff up in the etsy store but i keep selling my goods before they make a debut in cyberland. but never fear, i've still got PLENTY of tricks up my sleeve. but i'm telling you kiddies, once i put something up in the shop you had better act fast because things dissappear rather quickly.

so how about some calabrese?!  i still have a few tops to make. i'm doing at least one for myself! so often i'm left in the dust with all my goodies going to other people. i only 3 or 4 things that are solely mine i shall never sell. everything else...subject to sale. SO i'm makin sure i get a good calabrese shirt to keep for myself. i'm also doing at least one in size s-l and at least one in lush size 1x-2x.

and my oh my, skull print denim skirts!!!!  this fabric seriously makes me want to sit down and spend the time making a pair of pants.

ok some other things that are brewing in my monster handbags, evil dead bag, a clockwork orange bag, and the little pinkhearses!!!
i've also got tons more fabric to get through here . and tons of jewelry i cant get good pics of so i'll just sell them out of my bag!

oh dear. i've gotta go. random a.d.d. time is over

Monday, March 21, 2011

pick one and go!

i've had so many fantastic ideas lately i'm kinda gettin crazy. i cant decide on what thing to do because i have so many...
like the true gemini i am i dabble. in this. in that. and now! i've made a purse out of leopard duct tape and playing cards. although this is just a gateway for an idea thats been brewing in my brain for a while. i wanted to find a good sturdy way to make handbags in different shapes, and with this technique i can make any shape at all, and it will be sturdy. although duct tape is fantastic and all (especially when its leopard) i plan on still covering these bags in fabric...but! my horizon has been broadened. another profound mystery for myself is how to turn all these awesone crazy collages i've been doing for years into wearable art...?! well i do believe i've found the answer. i can literally do anything with these purses and the possibilites are FANTASTIC!! now if i could just find that crazy fetish collage i did...
on a lighter note....snaeskin pvc! ooooohhhh yeeaahhh!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

zebra snakes and cramps...oh dear

cramps shirt almost done. had to order some elastic lace. the back laces up with yellow and black zebra material. havent decided on the straps....but heres a preview
                                           this is the back. hard to see the lacing detail, but it's there. :)
                                                                         up close                     
                                           and this is the front.
this shirt is still in the works, but a preview was in order!!                                   

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

midnight coffee

doing a lace up cramps shirt, and a lace up taxi driver shirt. figuring out some way to stay awake as much as possible. i'll sleep when i'mdead.

Friday, February 18, 2011

franken stitched

new shirt design!!! i'm going to be doing some frankenstein lace up tops!! if only i could take pictures of  the inside of my head. man o man. this is going to be a good one. it'll have like green ooz dripping down it...ummm  yeah!!
and i'm trying to come up with awesome captions to go along with my marilyn shirts but havent struck gold on that one yet. i would write "beautiful disaster" with her pic but thats a 311 song and since they are not at all my cup o coffee i cant in good conscience do that soo as i stated, havent struck gold on this one yet. but the frankenstitched tops are going to be the absolute shit... yow

and of course i'll have "rock n roll" shirts!!!!  and dexter *inspired* shirts too.
i also have a few bitchin skull designs for stuff as well.
well gotta get the little one off the bus!

temporary insanity

got in some yummy fabrics today. and among them is one of my favorties, black snakeskin pvc. man is it fantastic!! i have GOT to make a dress with this stuff. it's just so soft and comfy and ...snake-skinny!!

for this collection i'm feelin hot hot rock n roll horror b-side monster show... or something like that.

and now a word from our sponsors:

*ahem* ok so now without further ado, i give you.....

Thursday, February 17, 2011

i have four of these beautiful and amazing hand crafted "beads". i immediately thought "danzig" when i seen these! they are gorgeous to behold in person. i'll have a couple necklaces on black chain of these.

this is the back of my jacket i did. i got this great stencil so i'll be doing shirts and other stuff with this! i also have a frankenstein stencil i'll be doing stuff with too!

this is my new misfits bag i just put up for sale on etsy. but also notice the cool fabric it's laying on!! they are little pink hearse's with coffins and skulls. too cute!!

go check out my facebook fan page for more previews of things i am and will be working on!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i want your skull

ok! since ivemade it through the trial and error stages of my skull bracelets, i should have sample sales coming up within a week! i have green skulls, purple, blue, pink, and like a rotting yellow color. oh and the white ones and the bloody ones too.
in necklace news, i'll have a hearse necklace, some danzig skull necklaces, and cleaver necklaces. i'll also get a pic up of the uber awesome necklace i made with my "poison can" beads.
and im in trial stages of coffin necklaces. they will be handmade and customizable. just have to get the perfect technique down!!
in clothing news, i just got in some fabulous hearse fabric!! i'll be doing calabrese shirts, (a couple of them for the public at least!!) a taxi driver shirt....and of course new misfits gear!
purse news? i'll def be doing a purse with the hearse fabric. i have a misfits evil never dies purse thats almost finished. just a few details to add. and i found an awesome vintage vinyl purse at the thrift i'll be customizing. i'm thinking dexter for the viyl purse but who knows!!
now!! earring news. getting supplies to bring my "brass knuckle" earrings to life and working on a technique to get "dexter" written on my cleavers.
ok, now that you know whats going on around here, i have to go make stuff!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

heres my beyond crappy pic of these...they dont like to photograph well. better ones coming very very soon....but not too soon as to catch ya with your pants down or anything

coffins, marilyn, and cleavers...oh my!

so i have been working on skull bracelets for a couple weeks now. i have green skull (skull beads) bracelets, purple, and individually hand painted bloody skulls!!! if it werent for my ridiculous camera i would have pics up by now. BUTsince i have an appearantly lame ass camera and no respectable photoshop program.....all i have to offer is a fuzzy picture. so sad.
        so im doing some bloody skull and meat cleaver bracelets, might do some hand painted "zombie infection" bracelets with green ooz dripping down the skulls cause green ooze is oh so in!
   i'm also stepping up my classic fur skirts with pockets or panels of marilyn, coffins, and hearse's.
going to have some hearse necklaces, a collage of murderous devices necklace (ie. cleaver, brass knuckles, hearse, combat boots,guns)
 speaking of necklaces! i've seen enough of the boring ol blood on a cleaver idea. i'll have painted hearse necklaces (wouldnt a purple or pink or even green hearse be awesome?! or even a bloody thers an idea) brass knuckle necklaces painted to whatever color youd like or just the classic silver charm... razorblades i'm sure i'll think of a way to jazz em up (without beeing too jazzy)
i've also got some awesome beads of poison cans with a skull ...i'll put the pic of those beads up!!
  crap...damn coffe/add/insomnia/......meow?
i'm sure i forgot a bunch of stuff but i cant be giving away all my secrects now can i!

those are beads! can't wait till they get hear. might do a bracelet and maybe earings with them...hell i may ever just sew them onto clothes for all i know.

well.....rock n roll

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you want to hear about my new obsession?

hello new and exciting world of blogging! i'm candi
               so here i go on a new adventure in internet land. making a facebook fan page, a blog, working on new items, brainstorming new venues of art to dabble in and all the while trying to keep my sanity and a clean house!!!
  for those of you who dont already know me...well, you got some 'splaining to do...:)
i make clothes, purses, accessories, white chocolate skull candies (for personal consumption) and various forms of art.
 in person i am a very soft spoken, creepily polite individual with an odd sense of wonder, amusement, and creation.  i take far too little in life seriously, and while i day dream of moonlighting as a serial killer who kills rude people, i somehow manage to "cook up" delightfully spooky clothing....and other stuff.
well, this is just my intro... now off to the intros for all these other pages i'm working on!

good midnight to you!