Wednesday, February 2, 2011

you want to hear about my new obsession?

hello new and exciting world of blogging! i'm candi
               so here i go on a new adventure in internet land. making a facebook fan page, a blog, working on new items, brainstorming new venues of art to dabble in and all the while trying to keep my sanity and a clean house!!!
  for those of you who dont already know me...well, you got some 'splaining to do...:)
i make clothes, purses, accessories, white chocolate skull candies (for personal consumption) and various forms of art.
 in person i am a very soft spoken, creepily polite individual with an odd sense of wonder, amusement, and creation.  i take far too little in life seriously, and while i day dream of moonlighting as a serial killer who kills rude people, i somehow manage to "cook up" delightfully spooky clothing....and other stuff.
well, this is just my intro... now off to the intros for all these other pages i'm working on!

good midnight to you!

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