Friday, February 18, 2011

franken stitched

new shirt design!!! i'm going to be doing some frankenstein lace up tops!! if only i could take pictures of  the inside of my head. man o man. this is going to be a good one. it'll have like green ooz dripping down it...ummm  yeah!!
and i'm trying to come up with awesome captions to go along with my marilyn shirts but havent struck gold on that one yet. i would write "beautiful disaster" with her pic but thats a 311 song and since they are not at all my cup o coffee i cant in good conscience do that soo as i stated, havent struck gold on this one yet. but the frankenstitched tops are going to be the absolute shit... yow

and of course i'll have "rock n roll" shirts!!!!  and dexter *inspired* shirts too.
i also have a few bitchin skull designs for stuff as well.
well gotta get the little one off the bus!

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