Monday, April 11, 2011

fuckin a!!! my skulls are goin to norway!!

i suppose it's about time to take advantage of my blog here and post some sneaky peeks and things.
   at the moment im retardedly stoked about my bracelets going to norway! why you ask?! because norway is possibly the most bad ass country .....EVER! 

i have been trying to get more stuff up in the etsy store but i keep selling my goods before they make a debut in cyberland. but never fear, i've still got PLENTY of tricks up my sleeve. but i'm telling you kiddies, once i put something up in the shop you had better act fast because things dissappear rather quickly.

so how about some calabrese?!  i still have a few tops to make. i'm doing at least one for myself! so often i'm left in the dust with all my goodies going to other people. i only 3 or 4 things that are solely mine i shall never sell. everything else...subject to sale. SO i'm makin sure i get a good calabrese shirt to keep for myself. i'm also doing at least one in size s-l and at least one in lush size 1x-2x.

and my oh my, skull print denim skirts!!!!  this fabric seriously makes me want to sit down and spend the time making a pair of pants.

ok some other things that are brewing in my monster handbags, evil dead bag, a clockwork orange bag, and the little pinkhearses!!!
i've also got tons more fabric to get through here . and tons of jewelry i cant get good pics of so i'll just sell them out of my bag!

oh dear. i've gotta go. random a.d.d. time is over