Monday, March 21, 2011

pick one and go!

i've had so many fantastic ideas lately i'm kinda gettin crazy. i cant decide on what thing to do because i have so many...
like the true gemini i am i dabble. in this. in that. and now! i've made a purse out of leopard duct tape and playing cards. although this is just a gateway for an idea thats been brewing in my brain for a while. i wanted to find a good sturdy way to make handbags in different shapes, and with this technique i can make any shape at all, and it will be sturdy. although duct tape is fantastic and all (especially when its leopard) i plan on still covering these bags in fabric...but! my horizon has been broadened. another profound mystery for myself is how to turn all these awesone crazy collages i've been doing for years into wearable art...?! well i do believe i've found the answer. i can literally do anything with these purses and the possibilites are FANTASTIC!! now if i could just find that crazy fetish collage i did...
on a lighter note....snaeskin pvc! ooooohhhh yeeaahhh!!!

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