Wednesday, February 9, 2011

i want your skull

ok! since ivemade it through the trial and error stages of my skull bracelets, i should have sample sales coming up within a week! i have green skulls, purple, blue, pink, and like a rotting yellow color. oh and the white ones and the bloody ones too.
in necklace news, i'll have a hearse necklace, some danzig skull necklaces, and cleaver necklaces. i'll also get a pic up of the uber awesome necklace i made with my "poison can" beads.
and im in trial stages of coffin necklaces. they will be handmade and customizable. just have to get the perfect technique down!!
in clothing news, i just got in some fabulous hearse fabric!! i'll be doing calabrese shirts, (a couple of them for the public at least!!) a taxi driver shirt....and of course new misfits gear!
purse news? i'll def be doing a purse with the hearse fabric. i have a misfits evil never dies purse thats almost finished. just a few details to add. and i found an awesome vintage vinyl purse at the thrift i'll be customizing. i'm thinking dexter for the viyl purse but who knows!!
now!! earring news. getting supplies to bring my "brass knuckle" earrings to life and working on a technique to get "dexter" written on my cleavers.
ok, now that you know whats going on around here, i have to go make stuff!!!

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