Thursday, February 3, 2011

coffins, marilyn, and cleavers...oh my!

so i have been working on skull bracelets for a couple weeks now. i have green skull (skull beads) bracelets, purple, and individually hand painted bloody skulls!!! if it werent for my ridiculous camera i would have pics up by now. BUTsince i have an appearantly lame ass camera and no respectable photoshop program.....all i have to offer is a fuzzy picture. so sad.
        so im doing some bloody skull and meat cleaver bracelets, might do some hand painted "zombie infection" bracelets with green ooz dripping down the skulls cause green ooze is oh so in!
   i'm also stepping up my classic fur skirts with pockets or panels of marilyn, coffins, and hearse's.
going to have some hearse necklaces, a collage of murderous devices necklace (ie. cleaver, brass knuckles, hearse, combat boots,guns)
 speaking of necklaces! i've seen enough of the boring ol blood on a cleaver idea. i'll have painted hearse necklaces (wouldnt a purple or pink or even green hearse be awesome?! or even a bloody thers an idea) brass knuckle necklaces painted to whatever color youd like or just the classic silver charm... razorblades i'm sure i'll think of a way to jazz em up (without beeing too jazzy)
i've also got some awesome beads of poison cans with a skull ...i'll put the pic of those beads up!!
  crap...damn coffe/add/insomnia/......meow?
i'm sure i forgot a bunch of stuff but i cant be giving away all my secrects now can i!

those are beads! can't wait till they get hear. might do a bracelet and maybe earings with them...hell i may ever just sew them onto clothes for all i know.

well.....rock n roll

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